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Trumpf top fast punch for blanking set up the new global benchmark

by:Ragos     2021-03-20
In the category of the global high-end press brake machine, punch TruPunch 5000 from Germany where it depend on the processing technology of high yield and high quality power levels at the same level product a procession, a new global benchmark for cutting-edge blanking. Super high yield power as sheet metal blanking the fastest record holder, TruPunch 5000 is the biggest punching rate 1400 times/min, maximum marking rate 2800 times/min, is the strongest power for sheet metal and efficient processing. In addition, depend on its positioning guide ultra high dynamic acceleration and speed, makes every positioning accuracy and convenience. High processing flexibility TruPunch 5000 is equipped with telescoping calipers repositioning, make the whole machining process without greatly improve the machining precision and produce power, abundant raise the utilization ratio of sheet. In addition, due to the fast bumper mould species, TruPunch 5000 can end in a high-speed environment various processing technology, such as forming, bending, rolled steel, tapping screw, deburring, etc. Has perfect quality TruPunch 5000 artifacts have under dynamic modulus function, sinking plates moving die today recycling, protect sheet from scratch, and then finished the cutting and processing, improve the stability of machining and workpiece quality. Equipped with brush with ball workbench, further thoroughly solved the problem of sheet metal scratch. A full range of active power equipment in order to further improve the yield of finished industrial 4. 0 and China produced 2025 initiative by the advanced produce concept. TruPunch 5000 to supply you with a variety of active cell, can produce 24-hour unmanned or end many varieties of small batch produced quickly switch type. Active SheetMaster loading unit not only can be finished all active material and blanking process on the ground, can be together to intelligent sorting of finish machining of the workpiece, and end bending seamless docking. 5000 is blunt, TruPunch fast company for the intelligent yield and high efficiency of sheet metal production supply and a culmination.
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