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Lighting Industry



The lamp industry is a developing industry, and it is also a constantly updated industry. With the improvement of people's living standard and humanistic quality, people's demand for lamps and lanterns is also increasing. In order to adapt to the changing environment, the production enterprises have to improve their manufacturing and management level. As a supplier of sheet metal equipment in the lamp industry, RAGOS also has its own set of solutions.

Fast product iteration

The product iteration speed of the lamp industry is very fast. The lamp for civil use has the characteristics of many varieties and small batches. The sheet metal processing of this kind of lamp requires strong adaptability and high efficiency. To this end, the RAGOS lower drive CNC bending machine can efficiently meet this type of demand.


The lamp industry has the characteristics of large batch production and repetitive production for industrial lamps and lanterns. For sheet metal processing of such lamps and lanterns, the durability of the equipment is required to be strong and be able to save oil and electricity. To this end, our products have a strict inspection procedure and a leading position in the field of durability and equipment wear and tear technology. In terms of electrical appliances, more than 80% of the equipment is imported parts, saving oil and electricity.


A large part of the production of lamps and lanterns industry also depends on a large number of manual production, requires more skilled workers to assemble production, a large number of labor costs have been generated in an enterprise, and the quality of products is subject to the skilled level of workers. Only by replacing manual labor with machines can costs be saved and product quality is ensured. RAGOS bending equipment has natural advantages in this aspect.

There are many lighting enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region. While serving enterprises, RAGOS has accumulated a large number of practical cases. For customers in different situations, we can provide customers with product solutions and meet their most demanding needs. 

Woking skillfully to provide solutions to the lighting industry 

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