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Elevator Industry


Solutions for Elevator Industry

According to the statistics of the elevator industry, China is currently in the first place in the world in the production, marketing, and quantity of elevators. In elevator manufacturing and related parts of manufacturing, China has basically realized the integration of production and marketing. The elevator export has maintained growth for many years, and the status of the industry is increasing year by year. In the next five years, China's elevator industry will be able to occupy one-third of the global market, with a market value of hundreds of billions.


At the same time, there are many processing problems in the elevator industry. The main solution encloses the following three aspects, which can improve the manufacturing level and production efficiency of the industry.

Industry Problems and Solutions

Intense competition in the industry

There are many manufacturers in the elevator industry. Competition among peers is forcing enterprises to reduce costs. The same products, while pursuing quality, are the most important means of reducing costs for enterprises. Through years of experience in serving the elevator manufacturing industry of RAGOS, we can effectively save labor and reduce production costs in product design and configuration.

Pursuing Differentiation in Products

If the elevator industry wants to ensure sufficient product profits and pursue differentiation and individualization, it is the only way for enterprises to stand out only by increasing R&D investment. It is also an important step for the development of enterprises to realize product innovation and rapid product transformation at the same time. RAGOS is equipped with dozens of technicians. It has mature methods and schemes for the realization of new products for enterprises, which can quickly solve difficult problems for enterprises.

Complexity and quantity

There are many specifications, large batches, and complex materials for the parts. The castings of the elevator itself are various, such as elevator door plate, control cabinet body plate, upper crossbeam, sedan bottom beam, and so on. Therefore, the elevator industry has higher requirements for sheet metal processing. The flexibility of the production line is the only way to solve the above problems. The production line must be able to quickly deal with different materials, shapes, and sizes of the workpieces in order to truly improve production efficiency. At present, the sheet metal flexible production line developed by RAGOS, which combines stamping, bending, shearing, automatic feeding, and unloading processing units, is programmed by control software to control each working unit. It can fully meet the needs of a large number of products.

 RAGOS has more than 10 years of experience in solving elevator industry problems.

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