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Pumping machine calculation: the hand of industry, shaping infinite possibilities

On the huge stage of industry, the press brake is undoubtedly a low-key but indispensable superstar. Although others are not as precise and dazzling as welding machines, sparks are flying, and they are not as precise and dazzling as machine tools, I am afraid that he can carry the fate of countless metals silently and shape a kaleidoscopic form.

When I talk about press brakes, all these things must be good. One of them, some of them, and none of them. Whether it is a kitchenware made of rusty steel, or a door or window made of aluminum alloy, or even a railroad track of a high-speed railway, there are press brakes working hard. He has not seen man, and man has no wisdom,

However, press brakes are not just monotonous. Take it, take it as well. From the traditional hydraulic type to the modern CNC type, the precision, speed and qualitative improvement of the press brake are not interrupted. At the same time, the application field of press brakes is also constantly expanding, from simple metal processing to high-precision aerospace manufacturing, press brakes are gradually being explored.

I want to do it, Industrialists, which are not, In the future, with the in-depth application of technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, the press brake will no longer be an isolated machine, but an indispensable part of the smart factory.

If the husband does things, it is not good. The others are not only the bending of metal, but also the builders of the fine industry. Every precise bend is an infinite exploration and pursuit. In its way, the people are not in charge.

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