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Furniture Industry



As far as China is concerned, the competitors in the furniture industry continue to grow, and the potential and demand for consumption are also growing. Faced with such a survival situation, furniture manufacturing enterprises need to enhance their competitiveness, improve production efficiency and reduce human costs and play a differentiated strategy in order to be able to reach the end of the sustainable competition. As a supplier of sheet metal equipment in the furniture industry, RAGOS CNC has many practical solutions.

Leading with the Decreasing Profit in the Furniture Industry

In recent years, with the rapid development of our country, the labor cost of our country has been continuously increasing. Compared with ten years ago, the demographic dividend of our manufacturing industry is gradually disappearing. Whether it is labor, raw materials, or enterprise operating costs have increased considerably. RAGOS CNC has carried out in-depth research on solving the problem of high labor costs in the furniture manufacturing industry. We can provide customers with perfect solutions, save labor costs, and improve production efficiency.

Big Bending Workpiece in Industry

Furniture industries such as wardrobes, cabinets, tables, and so on, which are composed of large plates that need bending will inevitably be useful to large tonnage of machines and more manual machines. RAGOS CNC upholds the spirit of customer-oriented service and can provide a number of solutions, such as equipped with machine hands, manual follow-up of devices, and other labor-saving, according to customer needs. We provide customer-tailored solutions to our business partners. 

Difficulty in batch production 

Facing the production of large quantities of complex processes in the furniture industry, it is often time-consuming and laborious to use a single combination of products. After serving many customers, RAGOS constantly summarizes and improves product configuration. It can customize the automatic production line of sheet metal for customers. The machines in the combination can be freely matched by customers. Laser, stamping, bending, shearing board, and shaving groove can be combined with automatic feeding and unloading units. To cooperate with each other and to meet our customer's needs.

At present, China's furniture industry still has many processing and manufacturing problems. Cooperating with RAGOS where we are willing to reform, willing to innovate, we can foresee that enterprises will become more and more competitive in the future.

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