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CNC Press Brake

Ragos CNC press brake has a variety of models, which can suitable for any different product. The upper drive has the most advantage on thick and large size plate, lower drive CNC press brake faster than the upper, more suitable for a small and thin plate, from 35 tons to 1600 tons, 1.2 meters to 8 meters and the two machine linkage can reach 16 meters’ long. The frame adopts an arch design, thickening, and widening. After tempering, heat treatment, annealing, and aging, the frame can ensure the accuracy, stability, and high rigidity of the long-term operation of the machine. Various numerical control systems can be selected according to the preferences of bending operators. Ragos CNC press brake has the most advantage on our competitive price- performance, which means you can get the cost recovery in the least time.

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