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 Problems Faced in the Electrical and Electric Industry


According to the production situation of the electric appliance and power industry in the past, when the equipment is facing upgrade and replacement, the enterprise has no choice but to sell the existing equipment at a low price or even at the scrap iron price. RAGOS has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in equipment upgrading, designed the equipment as a product with strong extensibility, greatly prolonged the time of equipment phase-out and upgrading in the electrical and power industry in the future, installed and upgraded the equipment on the RAGOS equipment can complete a small upgrade, and truly realized the enterprise vision that customers have been using the most suitable products.

Reducing the cost of raw materials in Enterprises

Electrical appliances and the electric power industry will consume a lot of raw material costs and processing costs in production. By investigating the production process of various household appliances, cabinets, and chassis, Radium Goss found that the power, lubricants, and time used by enterprises in processing will be consumed unnecessarily. Therefore, a downward- moving bending machine belonging to RAGOS has been developed, which saves oil and electricity, and is three times faster than the upward-moving one, and saves time and effort. Interested friends can go and see our push-down bending equipment.

F Faced with various difficulties in the electrical and power industry, RAGOS has made full preparations, and to fulfill our customer's demand is our mission. In the future era of development, industry development, only to help the industry solve problems, is the long-term survival of enterprises. We need to look at the problem from a development perspective, need to improve ourselves with a long-term vision. I hope Radium Goss can bring you the best experience of machine selection, and also welcome the processing enterprises in the electrical and electrical industry to choose us.

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