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Automatic Electric Panel Bender

Automatic Electric Panel Bender


Automatic Electric Panel Bender

After 2 years of technical research, Ragos have developed a servo electric panel bending center with international level.

The automatic bending speed is only 0.5 seconds per knife. The comprehensive average efficiency can reach more than 3 times of the common CNC bending machine of the same specification.

For the enterprise to save a lot of labor and mold costs, the panel bender equipment can automatically fold up and down according to the bending process to realize the combined bending of arc, dead edge and various angles.



· The main body of servo electric panel bender is welded with high strength steel plate.

· Stable structure and long service life.

· Heat treatment to remove internal stress.

· Strong rigidity, heavy tonnage, ensure long-term stability of machine tool accuracy.

· Improve the bending accuracy, reliability and durability of the machine tool.


Advantages and differences:

Flexible automatic panel bending center can work independently and efficiently produce various specifications of parts.

The universal mold can be adjusted automatically according to the size set by the program without any adjustment time, which ensures the safety of operators and the quality of products.

The positioning process is only performed once at the beginning. From the beginning of the cycle to the completion of machining, the bending plate and the rotating structure remain unchanged. 0.01 degree resolution ensures high production and flexibility.

Energy saving

· Compared with hydraulic solutions, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 64%.

Extremely low maintenance cost

· Compared with traditional hydraulic benders, the maintenance cost is 65% lower.

Higher productivity

· Productivity can be maximized without skilled operators.

· Compared with manual bending machine and manipulator bending machine, it has higher productivity and faster programming efficiency.

Higher precision and quality

· Excellent bending machine precision and surface quality and high repeatability.

Protection of operators

· The parts to be processed are transferred from the external worktable to ensure the safety of the operator.


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