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Up-acting Drive Electro-hydraulic CNC Bending Machine

Up-acting Drive Electro-hydraulic CNC Bending Machine


Help inexperienced operators manage to the target angle and shorten the production cycle.

 CNC Bending Machine

The MG series is a press brake machine with the highest stability in a changing production environment. The machine equipped with the machine frame of high rigidity and the CNC system can better expand the manufacturing range.


MG Series Fast speed, gravity drop back, short holding time, 2.5 times more efficient than other press brake.


This machine is very fuel and power efficient - one tank of fuel in the down-acting will last 12 years in the bottom drive. Higher safety factor, instant contraction when foot is released to avoid secondary injuries.


The important thing is the few in the industry to use an isotope detector to test casting grades to ensure material quality


Avoiding oil leaks is also one of its advantages. It uses NOK seals imported from Japan and the cylinder supplier is Amada's inspection-free supplier.


At present, RAGOS is the most comprehensive in size and the largest in volume in China, according to the feedback from cylinder suppliers, our purchase volume accounts for more than 1/4 of the total.

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