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Hybrid Electric CNC Press Brake

Hybrid Electric CNC Press Brake


Hybrid Electric CNC Press Brake

High-efficient of back gauge system with fully automated bending compensation solutions to meet customized requirements.



· The system consumes less energy with the servo motor.

· Oil distribution according to needs has bo restriction loss to achieve the energy-saving indeed.

· Low temperature-rise reduces the risk of oil leakage, which has better stability and can increase the working life of hydraulic press system and oil cylinder.

· Gear pump reduces working noise and sensibility of oil cleanliness, low maintenance.

· Precision of ram position or manufacture isn’t lower than proportional valve control system.

· The consumption of hydraulic oil reduces 70%.

· The simpler installation method can improve efficiency.

· Flexible installation meets populous needs.

· Better economic and higher performance-to-price ratio.



Our machines typically have deeper throat depths, longer stroke lengths than any manufacturer in the market. CNC gantry manufacturing center imported from Japan and Germany successively to control quality of machines strictly and enhance R&D competivity.



Crowning Systems

· With CNC crowning systems, the press brake control is preprogrammed with machine characteristics and deflection data. With mechanical crowning a simple spread sheet or chart can be easily developed for each application.

Back Gauge Systems

· The correct back gauge for the application will decrease costs per part by helping to make a good press operator. And the less experience an operator is, the more axis you should have.

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