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How to enhance the mechanism of Property Cooperation stagnation of CNC bending machine

How to enhance the mechanism of Property Cooperation stagnation of CNC bending machine


The bending machine of our country's machine tool industry is in a relatively close position in the whole middle and high-grade digital control technology, and the relevant parts and policies do well in this respect. Among them, the support of the policy and the time of the industry are also powerful guarantee to enhance the rapid desire of the domestic digital control machine tool industry. In recent years, China's desire for digital control machine tools is faster than before, and the market share is also constantly improving. However, there is a little difference between the level of one aspect and that of overseas. How to reduce the difference as soon as possible is a long way to go. I think we should do a good job in the following aspects.

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1.Make great efforts to strengthen the high-tech supporting rail system.

It is necessary to actively support the construction of the administrative division of CNC cutting tool engineering research center, lack of enterprise ingenious technology pioneer system, use the administrative division of high-tech funds, support the promotion of cutting tool performance components and CNC fineness of professional ingenious technology water temperature and property degree, release the research pioneer project of implementing the crux of CNC property ingenious technology and basic common ingenious technology, and support the progress of cutting tool industry and basic enterprises. The power of technological renovation promotes the pioneering of new CNC products. We should make great efforts to promote enterprises to build amateur level, enhance the power of business matching department, encourage the recovery of multiple contents such as the combination of production, learning and research, rely on key works, and raise funds from more than one to stop the low-grade CNC tools, performance components and CNC fine pieces with independent basic intellectual property rights.

2. Further implement the property supporting rail system.
It is necessary to carry out the special project of financial stagnation of CNC cutting tools as soon as possible, set up a special fund of financial stagnation of CNC cutting tools, focus on supporting the financial stagnation of CNC cutting tools, performance components and CNC finely broken properties, and enhance the financial course of them. After the special implementation, all the cutting tool industries are affected to stop rapidly. We need to improve the pioneering power of key enterprises, the numerical control rate of equipment, and the degree of information management. We need to point out and encourage all industries to increase structural adjustment and restructuring, and cultivate a number of heavy-duty numerical control cutting tools with domestic cooperation to build enterprises and enterprise groups.

3. There is a real lack of financial credit equal track system, and further adjust the CNC tool equipment access track system. For key enterprises in the knife and tool industry, we should give priority to the system of investment in technological innovation and fixed capital loans. We should expand the limitation of government marketing and encourage the ordering and application of the first set of CNC tools made in China.
How many of the above simultaneous can further enhance the special guidance for low-end CNC tools and some basic equipment is also incomparable. Irrelevant units need to strengthen their coordination and recuperation according to their own theoretical conditions, and NC bending machine manufacturers need to enhance their cooperation, which constitutes the stagnation and limitation effect of NC tool property words.

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