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Steps of adjusting screw nut of traditional bending machine

Steps of adjusting screw nut of traditional bending machine


Whether the heat conduction is a sign of melting deformation. If there are signs of phase direct and insulation breakdown, check whether the insulation material has signs of aging. We must find out the key points of the problem based on the emerging situation, the integration of the advanced and the fine, and then eliminate the shortcomings with the aim of alignment. In that case, the ability to beat the problem faster. The defect of bending machine shall be found by section removal and section review with pressure detector, or the bus duct shall be replaced, or the insulation coating treatment shall be continued. The time to eliminate shortcomings may emerge other situations. At some time, we need to position ourselves correctly and defeat the important problems first. Check whether the contact between the pin of the connector box of the bus duct and the bus bar is excellent. As usual, tubular superconductors accept riveting and then pouring assembly. After pouring, tubular superconductors accept special tubular busbar fittings vividly. Because the strength of the discussion after riveting has increased. In order to prevent the discussion from winding in the use after pouring, liner pipe is used outside the discussion to continue strengthening. There should be no more than two riveting discussions between the two empty pillars. The framework composition of the bus machine equipment and the tooling lasts used in the equipment are all made of excellent steel, and the hot processing and machining process that follow the example continue to be fully controlled to ensure the strength and service life of the tooling lasts.

Through the control of manual and foot switch, the punching, shearing and folding of bus can be continued separately or in the same voice. The punching last of the bending machine can process multiple specifications of hole diameter, and the equipment is equipped with three processing units, punching, shearing and bending, which control the processing position of the tooling last. To prevent frequent replacement of last effectively improves the consumption efficiency of equipment, and is inconvenient to use and control.

According to the opposite mother callipers, processing technology and dominant habits, we can continue to adjust at the right time. The working journey of tooling lasts in each processing unit is limited and inconvenient to adjust. It can not only effectively increase labor intensity but also guarantee processing quality.

After replacing the last, it may be possible to realize a variety of processing functions, with wide processing limitations. For example, punching round holes, folding vertical bending, folding flat bending, embossing and flattening.

Accept the horizontal processing situation, and the last of bending unit tooling is a closed structure. Guarantee the organizational strength of bending unit. After replacing the bent last, it may be possible to finish the flat bending, vertical bending, embossing and flattening of the work piece.

The tool is equipped with manual button and foot switch to control the situation. The punching and shearing processing unit accepts the vertical processing situation. The bending machine is easy to operate and easy to operate. Jiangsu Changzhou Huili CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces bending machine, CNC bending machine, hydraulic bending machine, CNC shearing machine, electro-hydraulic bending machine, digital display bending machine, etc. CNC bending machine / hydraulic bending machine has a wide variety and many specifications. It is popular in more than 20 provinces, cities and regions in China, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and China. In East and other countries and regions, ordinary skilled workers can continue to use control, perhaps casually.

It is inconvenient to move. The four feet are equipped with walking wheels. It is also equipped with jacking adjustment fine assembly, which is inconvenient for assembly.

The structure of the bus machine.

The main hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic sheet metal bending machine includes the end cover, cylinder body, outer piston rod, flange sleeve, inner piston rod, screw sleeve, screw nut and gland; the end cover is vividly arranged at one end of the cylinder body, the screw sleeve, screw nut and gland are vividly arranged at the other end of the cylinder body, the outer piston rod is arranged in the cylinder body, the flange sleeve is arranged at the piston end of the outer piston rod, and the piston end of the inner piston rod is extended into the outer piston rod. In the rod, the rod end of the inner piston rod is vividly assembled on the end cover, and the inner piston rod is provided with an oil channel. Compared with the traditional similar hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder has one more internal rod cavity and internal rod cavity, so there is a special fast driving function. Under the condition of consistent driving conditions of hydraulic fine crushing, under the condition of oil cylinder or weightless knife dropping, it can still carelessly miss the secondary speed increasing function; the contact force area of the screw sleeve is far larger than the adjustment screw nut of the main hydraulic cylinder of the traditional bending machine, thus improving the Contact rigidity and stability, ensure better limit precision.

The hydraulic plate bending organization and characteristics are hydraulically driven, the oil cylinders at both ends of the cutter are replaced on the slide block, and the dominant time is to make the rigid recuperation and adjustment work according to the emerging situation. Indirect drive taxiing industry. The slider travel is adjusted manually at high speed, and the counter indicates that the slider synchronization organization accepts the forced synchronization of the torsion shaft. Only if every detail and detail follows the control and implementation of the shortcomings of the pace, can we really defeat the problem from the whole body. In that way, we can correctly position every detail and insider in the time of eliminating the shortcomings and punish them properly. The ineffective time saving is equal to improving the efficiency.

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