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What companies are producing press brake machine?

What companies are producing press brake machine?


                                           The 21st century has seen the rapid development of press brake machine business. Nowadays there are many enterprises focusing on this field. They are busy establishing a complete supply chain and furthermore completing the whole industry chain. Foshan Ragos NC Equipment co.,LTD. is one of the players. Since the establishment, we have developed our own technology to simplify the production process and reduce the production cost, and at the same time, we have contracted with several material suppliers to guarantee the property of the finished products. We have a goal to become a leader in the domestic press brake machine segment.

Full electric servo press brake NG-3025 model parameter picture RAGOS

Relying on the solid production capability of hydraulic shear cutting machine, Ragos has become well-known and highly recognized in the market. Ragos's V-type CNC router series contains multiple sub-products. The design of Ragos cnc production line is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The product is highly anti-interference to exterior elements.  To prepare an anode combining the excellent properties of tantalum at reasonable price, a new material has been developed in our laboratory. The product is best known for dynamic response characteristics.

Up-acting hybrid cnc press brake MG-8025 model parameter picture RAGOS

Our mission is to satisfy customers all the time. No job is too large or too small for us. From ideation to prompt & safe delivery, our professional teams will offer One-Stop rest assured service. Welcome to visit our factory!


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