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Why should I turn to Ragos?

Why should I turn to Ragos?


                                           Foshan Ragos NC Equipment co.,LTD. enjoys several competitive advantages over other brands. In this competitive society, we believe that innovation is the driven for an brand to develop and grow, thus we set up our own professional R&D team to develop new models of Ragos to keep up with the trend. Professional service team consistuted by our experienced staff is highly recognized by customers for its skills and professional consideration.

Panel Bender<batch artifact>.The AG series is a flexible and intelligent bending machine.CNC Panel bender AG/AGP series model parameter picture RAGOS

CNC Panel bender AG/AGP-1500 series model parameter picture RAGOS

Ragos is an experienced Chinese supplier of cnc bending machine with a proven successful background in product design and manufacture within this industry. Ragos's press brake manufacturers series contains multiple sub-products. It delivers good building energy performance. Relative performance is measured when possible using various analysis software such as Ecotect and EnergyPlus. Designs are tuned based on the results. It helps save production preparation time by changing the CNC programs.  Different raw materials of Press brake mold such as cnc bending machine are available during customization. With a robust structure, it does not vibrate during operation.

Ragos Array image93

We want to have satisfied customers who trust our products for a long time. We know that the image and the name of a brand acquire the real value only at the moment when good work can be seen behind them. Get info!


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