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Introduction to the bending machine

Introduction to the bending machine



Normally, several types of brakes, like mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, anad servo-electric are available in our company. As a typical product, hydraulic press brake can bend various plates. This hydraulic bending machine can satisfy many workpieces' requirements by changing molds The structure mainly includes the bracket, the workbench and the clamping plate. Workbench is on the bracket, and consists of base and the clamp. The base is connected to the clamp plate through a hinge, and the base is composed of shell, coil and plate. When using hydraulic press brake, coil is powered on by a conductor. After powering on, the clamp generates bending force, so as to realize the bending of steel plates.


Adopting the electromagnetic clamping, the hydraulic bending machine can process a variety of workpieces.



Hydraulic press brake can be applied to manufacture electric power, communication, kitchen and bathroom, lift, lamps and laantrns, furniture, etc. It is widely used in metal fabrication.



The hydraulic bending machine is versatile in applications. With high accuracy, it is easy to operate and maintain.


•Simple and Flexible Controls

Using a convenient multi-switch control panel or a 3-position fully guarded foot switch, the hydraulic press brake is simple and flexible to control.



Hydraulic press brake features long and full tonnage stroke. Length is adjustable and speed is selectable. Besides, you can adjust the height for short stroke. Two-speed is standard three-speed with infinitely adjustable low speed is optional. This option prevents sudden malfunction during operations of hydraulic bending machine.


•Easy Hydraulic System Maintenance

The manifold of hydraulic press brake assembly saves space and makes it easy to replace many components. The convenient work height makes operation easier.


•Advantages of Hydraulic Bending Machine

The hydraulic press brake adopts all steel welded structure, thus having enough strength and good rigidity.

Hydraulic bending machine uses hydraulic transmission. The cylinders of machine tools at both ends are placed on the slide block.

Sliding blocks and torsion shafts endow the hydraulic press brake with well synchronization movements during working.

Using mechanical structure, the hydraulic bending machine is stable and reliable.

The stroke motor of hydraulic press brake is mechanically adjustable, combined with manual fine tuning. The data is showed by counter. The hydraulic bending machine is of the wedge deflection compensation mechanism to ensure high precision of bending.

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