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Treatment method of the mechanical press have abnormal sound in operation

by:Ragos     2021-02-05
Mechanical press daily procedures: (1) exposed to punch outside of the driving part, it is necessary to shield, stop in the unloaded shield driving or test environment. Second, the mechanical press with or without should review first before starting the fastening screw loose die crack, operating mechanism, active 'junjun installation, clutch and brake is normal, smooth system with and without blocking or lack of oil. When demand can open empty experiment. Three, device mold necessary will open to the point of death under the slider, height is necessary to accurately, but even avoid partial luckily load; Beginning and end of the mould is necessary to tighten consolidate and review test. Four, attention in our work to meet, it is forbidden to hand and target objects into the danger zone. Small must use special target ( Tweezers or conveying mechanism) To operate. Die stuck blank, only apply mutatis mutandis to target to get rid of. Five, create a mechanical press work or have very movement, ( Such as combo crackling sound, Originally should be a stern feeding, review the reasons. If it is loose move to change parts, operating machinery press brake machine longitudinal installed loose spirit, mould and defect, parking should be repaired. Want to learn more press brake machine knowledge, pay attention to nantong taiping bending factory site, refer to the technical information.
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