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Transfer line spring machine everyday to do well the maintenance?

by:Ragos     2021-03-15
Line spring machine is high precision processing equipment of the spring, daily to do equipment maintenance, so as to ensure line press brake machine machining precision and extend the service life of the machine, turn the line spring machine everyday to do well the maintenance? In order to in order to reduce the spring mechanical parts wear rate, eliminate failure for a long time, extend the service life of the machine, daily for press brake machine maintenance mainly for cleaning, tighten and adjustment, lubrication, corrosion resistance, need to make the following work: operation maintenance: equipment used up when the power is turned off the machine, use cotton to wipe institutions and dirt on the surface of the motor and rust-proof oil daub, in order to avoid fall into the dust and debris, do not use air gun to blow wash, keep chute or rotational structure clearance. slider moving parts shall be used for oil lubrication, do not use high viscosity oil, so as not to affect the linear motion of the slider. In order to avoid dust and debris fell into, do not use air gun to blow wash, keep chute or rotational structure clearance. In addition, every month for 1 ~ 2 times nozzle increase bearing grease. Gear lubrication and maintenance: new running more than 1000 hours, or about half a year, please be sure to replace the new circulating oil. Y axis gear tradition is encapsulated in the send in the box, we regularly check to send in their everyday life whether there is enough between the gear box of special gear grease, in order to ensure you have sufficient lubrication protection gears in the transmission, thus effectively avoid the happening of grinding teeth or burning phenomenon! Wire feeding system maintenance: feed mechanism to regularly clean the surface of the servo motor and encoder, in order to prevent the dust into the cause of mechanical part of damage. To regularly check and clean the line box on the iron filings, lest cause scrap iron in the body running in gear transmission, causing grinding teeth or burning phenomenon, this device can effectively maintain a wire feeding accuracy! In addition to the above several daily operation need to pay attention to maintenance, hygiene and also notice at ordinary times the machine tool, a reasonable maintenance can make the transfer line spring machine normal use, the longer the dongguan nc now can provide more high quality spring machine equipment, can meet the demand of different spring processing in the field of industry!
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