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Transfer line spring machine adopts belt drive have what advantage?

by:Ragos     2021-03-15
Line spring machine automation equipment is very high, but the current domestic wire spring machine is through the gear drive, and the foreign advanced line of molding equipment is done with belt drive, the transfer line spring machine adopts belt drive have what advantage? In Germany, Japan and Taiwan line equipment, all line molding equipment is used a belt drive, as in the overseas market operation and decades of research and development team decided to study this problem, through in-depth cooperation and overseas research and development design engineering team communication, only really understand why the transfer line spring machine adopts belt drive than the advantage of the gear drive directly. First of all, if it's not belt drive, it must be installed in the motor box above, it is no doubt increase the weight of the box, not only increase the weight of the drive motor, as well as the weight of the reducer, through calculating weight will need to increase by about 30%. This will no doubt lead to head too much at the time of rotational inertia brake, so you will see some box can obviously jitter, even in the case of stop walk fast, the equipment will be shaking. Second, from the point of the rationality of the design of transfer line press brake machine, the motor is fixed on a need to turn the head at any time is not a best choice, at the same time, the motor power line and coding line because of the need to often do irregular fluctuation can lead to a loose connection, even internal fracture caused by equipment downtime for no reason. So you will see the high-end of the robot is often, the position of the motor is fixed on a rotating and do related actions through the belt transmission. So integrated multiple aspects, transfer line spring mechanical and electrical machine is not appropriate box installed in the above, this is also the foreign advanced line spring machine manufacturers use belt transmission mode of the important reasons, and this way get the recognition and application of customers agree. Dongguan CNC team after a hard study and the cooperation with overseas r&d design team of engineers, in domestic is also introduced the belt transmission line press brake machine, bring more efficient, higher precision of high-end spring machine equipment, welcome the demand of customers contact us!
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