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Traditional punch causes of the accident and avoid method

by:Ragos     2021-05-25
Press damage agriculture is the fundamental reason is lack of necessary protective equipment and facilities, there is no risk of operation work process implement effective labor protection. The technical reasons press brake machine injury accident is caused by the operator and disorder of the machine run. accidents often happen in the following situation: ( 1) The operator mental fatigue, inattention, mistakes, 2) Die structure is unreasonable, the action of mixed operation, and the operator's arm in the die zone for a long time. ( 3) The operator arm qi gong slider without leave die area. ( 4) Closed press brake machine when people use pedal to start switch control along the stroke, the mismatch. ( 5) Closed press brake machine when working people, the guardian control slider stroke, for other operating our thoughtlessness. ( 6) Adjust the mould, machine motor did not stop, because suddenly starting operations into other reasons. ( 7) the mechanical, electrical, fault block movement out of control. Causes of punch injury accident on management, mainly is the security system is not sound, in the following cases, prone to accidents. ( 1) Workers without training qualified computer operation. ( 2) Illegal operation. ( 3) Press itself has no safety device ( 4) Equipment disrepair. ( 5) There are safety devices but didn't start.
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