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Traditional press enterprise achievement new atmosphere

by:Ragos     2021-05-26
industry total, spell resources, to play, there's no way out of the war of attrition, punch development to be one step ahead, better than the others, you must walk the road of science and technology, eat rice science and technology. Machine tool companies to develop advanced productivity in the first place, so as to realize the benign interaction of science, technology and economy, and can realize leap-forward development. In the process of conversion, high and new technology promotion and guidance of the traditional press manufacturer industry itself, to greatly enhance the core competence. Each project to press brake machine technology consulting, training and technology promotion, and development (ak) party, party, the direction of the industry integration application service, create and upgrade traditional industries technology platform press brake machine. Press forging machinery industry sales revenue in China at present in companies more than more than 200 yuan, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for the vast majority, more than half were distributed in jiangsu, shandong, Shanghai, zhejiang and other provinces and cities. According to the types of products, mechanical press production enterprises accounted for more than 40%, hydraulic machine manufacturing enterprises accounted for 15%, shear, bending, straightening machine enterprises accounted for about 30%, other forging equipment production enterprise, about 15%. According to the volume of products, high, low and composition than: 80, is a typical pyramid shape, namely the low-end products accounted for 80%, intermediate product is less than 20%, accounted for only 1% of high-end products. Industry in developed countries is high, medium and low-grade products: 1 than 6. 5-2. 5, according to a football shape, namely the mid-range products accounted for 65%, high-end products accounted for 10%, only 25% of low-end products. Obviously China forging machinery industry and the gap between China and developed countries. CNC forging machine in China and abroad the gap is gradually narrowing, the progress and development of '15' period, to show all of the people, industry. CNC forging machine according to the production, while only 2% of forging equipment, most of the news shear folding machine class. But should not be neglected, CNC forging machine volume of 2%, accounting for 30% of the total forging equipment value size.
Clouds of small press brake failures surround the world of hydraulic shearing machine in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the Solution as they should do.
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