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Traditional old machine tools in China accounted for 50% of development of machine tool remanufacturing

by:Ragos     2021-06-08
At present, the machine has reached around 8 million units, recursion traditional old machine more than 10 years account for about 50%. Along with our country engineering machinery into scrap peak, machine tool remanufacturing market potential is tremendous. 5 - in the future 10 years, the machine can form a sizeable potential resources recyclable remanufacturing. “ From the Angle of economy, machine tool remanufacturing has the advantages of low investment, short cycle, save cost advantages. ” Jin Mo machine network CEO, said the high additional value of ordinary machine or numerical control machine tool, through the original parts to make full use of machine tools, saving the cost of the manufacture of these components, and remanufacturing of machine tools can be basic to the original new levels of performance. Precision machine tools, and a large, heavy machine tool remanufacturing cycle is much shorter than to make new tools. Moreover, the user can choose according to technological requirements of the state of the machine tool and numerical control system or other functions, further cost savings. The development of circular economy in our country become a hot spot, energy conservation and emissions reduction is placed on the first economic indicators, the development of remanufacturing industry will be promising in this respect. According to statistics, resources circulation utilization of machine tool remanufacturing in China more than 85%, than to make new machine energy saving more than 80%, not only greatly save resources and energy, can also be based on the realization of energy saving, material saving, reduce the production of cast iron pieces of pollution to the environment. With the new machine tool sales decline obviously, maintenance, renovation of the old machine tool business will be booming. Field remanufacturing is being machine manufacturing enterprises pay more and more attention to, some machine tool manufacturing companies have begun to quietly turned to remanufacture the goal area. In addition, in recent years, our country although high precision machine tools, CNC press brake machine tools and large-scale production is growing rapidly, but due to the base is too small in the share of the machine tool is still not high. But at the same time, ordinary machine tool is still the leading machine tool products in our country, the proportion was not going to happen in a short time. At the same time, China's machine tool numerical control rate is not high. “ At present, the numerical control rate showed a trend of increasing year by year as a whole. ” Pointed out, however, with Japan, the United States, Germany and other developed countries, 60% ~ 70% of the yield rate of numerical control and 80% ~ 90% compared to the output value rate of numerical control, numerical control of equipment products rate is too low. Many precision machine tools and heavy machine tools mainly depend on import. But in the face of our country from the manufacturer into a manufacturing power, the development trend of these various forms of scrap and old machine tools will be transferred to machine tool remanufacturing. From other areas of remanufacturing industry as you can see, many foreign manufacturers have targeting the Chinese market, for domestic machine tool companies seem to be more should seize the current opportunities.
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