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To use the punching machine for attention before work to understand

by:Ragos     2021-01-19
Today is the winter solstice, the za haian folk have & other; Burn throughout winter &; The custom of ancestor worship. Friend to you, do you have place? About press brake machine sense to believe that we are aware of, to the better, before the matters needing attention about it by nantong punching machine manufacturer for we introduced: 1, view the smoothness of the punch parts, and make smooth electrical sufficiently smooth. 2, view the die set is correct. 3, check to see if the compressed air pressure within the scope of the rules. 4, check the switch button is loose, must make the flywheel and clutch after release, to open the motor. 5, to press for a few empty schedule, check the brake and clutch and control part of the assignment. 6, check the main motor with or without abnormal fever, abnormal sensation, abnormal sound, etc. 7, with a manual oil pump on the slider to join lithium base ester oil. 8, view adjust feeder roller clearance to the technological requirement. 9, view punch and keep the oil mist, oil meet the requirements of the rules. 10, when the motor running, check the flywheel rotating direction is the same as the rotary marks. Want to use press brake machine on the above considerations must be 'before the understanding, this will also be able to better use, also can reduce risk.
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