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To improve the performance of punch sealing effective surface relative measures

by:Ragos     2021-03-09
My family XiaoGuZi, borrowed our more than four thousand dollars, for many years, said her parents have no money, still have money to buy a car, and money to travel, don't spoil my husband said to me, what all don't buy back, really speechless. Whether to use punch any enterprises or similar size of punch press manufacturer factory all the equipment must be in the processing in case of leak and dust fall into must be equipped with sealing equipment. Press hydraulic system plays a sealing function components, namely seals, seal of press hydraulic system is used to prevent fluid or solid particles from leakage between adjacent joint surface, and prevent the impurities such as dust and moisture into the inside of the machine equipment spare parts of materials or parts, press brake machine press seal leakage will cause the working medium of hydraulic system of abuse, machine and environment, and even cause the failure of the mechanism operation and equipment accidents. Press hydraulic system the operation reliability and use life of seals is a key objective measure of hydraulic system is good or bad. Have you had this experience? Welcome message to share ~
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