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To enhance punching machine manufacturing technology innovation ability

by:Ragos     2021-01-19
Hellow, today is July 29, 2019, on Monday. According to the lunar calendar has gived the years 【 The pig 】 June 27, Leo. Zha today to discuss whether our country should enhance the punching machine manufacturing technology innovation ability. CNC punching machine manufacturing is the foundation of the state, the power base, and use it as a stable increase of important backing, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology deepened execution & other; Solid, enhance, promotion, channel & throughout; Eight policy, adopted & other; JieBang 1 & throughout; New arrangement and a new generation of CNC press brake machine press artificial intelligence industry made the task of different points JieBang homework, accelerate research break point area. Require further perfect press brake machine manufacturing different system construction, this year new approval construction intelligent made cars, rail transportation equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, advanced functional fiber and other four state-level production vertical center. Has approved the 13 countries hydraulic punching machine manufacturing made across different center, counseling to determine 107 provincial manufacturing vertical center. Surrounding industrial & other; Throughout the four base &; , & other; Package & throughout; To break and & other A dragon & throughout; Application of industrial base to enhance the mechanical press brake machine.
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