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Timely maintenance will prolong the punching machine service life effectively

by:Ragos     2021-04-17
C is not repair the oven will see plague, Calvin don't cry will be the main weight loss. Today is July 23, 2018, on Monday, 1 day, great heat from the next solar terms & other; The beginning of autumn & throughout; , there are 15 days. As we all know, timely maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of press brake machine effective, we share the why and how to properly maintain it today. Some companies use press brake machine at work, often without the protection of a punch related professionals, so here we will introduce about punch daily protection. Here are two ways of protection: when the punch in the chosen 1500 - 2000 hours of daily maintenance, need to pick up knowledge of lubrication oil gushes oil amount and pressure effect inspection and regulation. Rule of oxygen filter, oil feeder regulating valve and other effects and moisture impurity inspection check and necessary control. Oxygen pressure switch setting value view and pick up effective inspection and regulation. High command switch to set the view of value view and the measured values and regulation. High beam device of the sprocket, chain, transmission shaft, worm gear and worm other equipment such as presence of loose, abnormal and chain tension check and regulation. Gear box cover open, the inside part of the wear and the status of the keys you loose view and expansion tank cleaning, lubricating oil in new and work conditions, noise, vibration test view. Each part of the transmission code injection point of oil amount and pressure testing and regulation. Of the government from the brake piston movement, the Angle of brake, the brake gap and to make the piece of abrasion quantity inspection point pick up with the necessary control. in the chosen 3000 - 4000 hours protect care function of photoelectric safety device testing and inspection of casting Angle and area control. Electrical standards of another piece of appearance, contact wear loose points such as pick up, and on-line inspection and second fall rotation CAM switch box and stop circuit and result of inspection to check the regulation. Overload protection device of the oil cleaning, oil chamber cleaning, change new and pressure of the oil and inspection regulation. Main motor V belt abrasion and pull status view, regulate and control. Each equipment disassembly with collapse from brake authority ( The flywheel excluding) Check the regulation of cleaning maintenance, slot and refitted debugging. Flat machine the other equipment with collapse, cleaning and check and refitted debugging. Use 6000 - 8000 hours protect care saw tooth connecting rod with collapse, clean and maintenance, check the saw tooth and connecting rod rib occlusion and abrasion, and polishing, polished surfaces and altered grease. Slider assembly in the tee, and cover, super load hydraulic cylinder, worm gear, worm and other parts need to be dismantled with collapse, clean and maintenance, crack control and wearing surface, oil seal view and alter lubricating grease from the beginning. Die cushion down with each abrasion surface collapse and clean view and altered after installation commissioning grease from the beginning. The maintenance and protection is related to punch above, whether it is a press, is still the forging machine tool and other kinds of machinery must be timely maintenance, timely maintenance will be useful for extending the useful life of machine itself. 以上是媒体的维护和保护,不管媒体,媒体仍然是锻压机和其他类型的机器需要及时的维护,及时维修将有助于延长机器的使用寿命。
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