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Tilting punch accessories maintenance requirements in the process of material production

by:Ragos     2021-04-17
in the heart of the production process continuously improve, some structures may do not agree with this manual content, but does not affect the adjustment and use, so no further notice. In order to ensure the safety in use process of press make sure sensitive trip switch contact. Tilting press brake machine through electric control operating mechanism, single stroke or after stroke can be obtained. When equipment conveying mechanism actively, can the semi-active successive stamping operations. When choosing stamping equipment, should according to the stress graph of the given data, in stamping operation, should not go beyond the strength of the pressure curve. accessories maintenance technique is introduced: A, 1, check the clutch safety cohesion. 2, adjust the cooperation between the clutch. , electrical control C B, 1, scrub the machine maintenance outside appearance and shielding, ensure clean 2, check the shock equipment and adjust the anti-shock pad to requirements D, punch accessories smooth equipment 1, guarantee the smooth parts is smooth enough oil. 2, check the oil and oil cup, fill in the corresponding standard oil. Not just satisfied with product design skills, should also be satisfied with the requirement of stamping process and stamping process requirements ( Such as machining, plating, welding, etc. ) 。 Fixed bench press on material thickness requirements: public service information should fit the thickness of the public service specification prescribed by the state. Due to a certain mold gap is suitable for a certain thickness of material, the thickness of the material public servants is too big, not only directly affect the quality of the parts, can also lead to the damage of the die and punch. Nantong press brake machine factory is producing small punch, tilting punch, fixed bench press, j21-serial open-style fixed platform press punch, JS21 series products deep throat press brake machine, JB23 series of general press brake machine and all kinds of punch type punch production manufacturers.
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