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Those factors can affect the transfer line spring machine processing stability?

by:Ragos     2021-03-14
Line spring machine is an efficient spring processing automation equipment, turneth line spring machine in the operation process is not stable, will have a larger impact on spring processing quality and production efficiency, those factors can affect the transfer line spring machine processing stability? Equipment accessories: the influence of the transfer line spring machine in addition to the equipment body, also equipped with wire feeding wheel, wire plate, curve, mandrel, cutting knife, auxiliary knife and other important parts, these parts is to realize the spring wire feeding, the important components of the machining process. Turneth the function of the wire spring machine parts quality is not up to standard, or wear fracture or installing a loose, easily lead to spring pitch, diameter, length, flatness and Angle parameter changes, thus make the winding spring products will appear unstable quality deviation. The influence of the spring wire: used for processing of spring wire rod quality stand or fall will counter rotating wire spring machining stability of the important factors, because of the bad quality of the spring wire, the wire line diameter and hardness requirements of the standard is not high, can appear even line to instability, wire surface is uneven, the concavo-convex inequity, these things will counter rotating wire spring machine straightening precision and wire feeding accuracy has great interference, difficult to achieve stable production. Compared to manual operation, the influence of the traditional transfer line spring machine equipment, the transfer line spring machine on the equipment operation and debugging greatly simplified, reduced the operator to fit the threshold. Cohesion but the operator is always the important link between spring and spring machine equipment, any wrong to affects the operation of equipment operation, the operator according to the actual wire rod and the processing conditions of equipment into line adjustment, which can ensure stable and efficient operation of spring machine. In addition to the above several factors, transfer line press brake machine's own performance and quality also has an important influence on the stability of processing, dongguan CNC has been focused on the press brake machine equipment research and development production of high quality, can provide a variety of line spring machine equipment, meet the demand of enterprises of all kinds of spring processing!
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