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This paper analyzes the reason of the punch stamping produce elastic deformation

by:Ragos     2021-04-21
Tensile figure related to press brake machine factory sample size can be respectively to stress and strain to replace and fitting, so can eliminate the nature of the data in sample scale peng ring. Thus draw the curve is called the stress strain curve. It and drawing diagrams have the same shape, only coordinates different press brake machine manufacturer, is a strain curve by stress punch factory can get some important performance goals. Elastic deformation of specimen by external force effect to occur. Elastic deformation is refers to the external forces are removed to eliminate the deformation of the punch factory original state of rehabilitation. Drawing on the graph punch manufacturer is the elastic deformation stage. When the load didn't arrive. Point of punch press manufacturer before drawing the line is a straight line, sample only elastic deformation completely accords with hooke law. So roar is data would be acceptable, punch manufacturer maximum stress, plastic deformation does not occur is called the elastic limit. manufacturer of metal materials in the elastic deformation stage and an important mechanics performance goals: rigidity press brake machine manufacturer stiffness refers to metal materials in stress resistance to elastic deformation. Within the elastic range, deep throat press stress and strain. Higher than its share of constant called elastic modulus E shows. Its physical meaning is refers to the demand of metal data unit deformation occurs as stress. Press manufacturer stiffness in the material mechanics performance most insensitive to show badge organization goal, thus press brake machine manufacturer, alloying, cold deformation and heat treatment of fine crystal metal reinforcement methods such as the effect is not big. Increase of humidity metal stiffness decreased when the load is beyond, the punch factory sample beginning deformation water for a long time, the plastic deformation. When load is added to the continuously, the press brake machine factory sample acceptable load is no longer to add, but ongoing press manufacturer in plastic deformation which presents the horizontal lines, this phenomenon is called the yield point is the yield point. Press manufacturer metal specimen in the process of experimental force does not add ( Insist on stable) Still can continue to the stress of elongation deformation, press brake machine manufacturer is called the yield point, usually use gong show. It represents the metal on the altar of the plastic deformation resistance.
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