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These four types of punch most users recommend professional assured safety is their label

by:Ragos     2021-01-14
model types have a lot of, this industry is now was chaotic, so some products are more formal, classic, some even cheat is not specification, design, because they are far from safety more false. As a layman nature will choose these regular products, so small make up for all inventory several types of the formal national standard punch products. Hydraulic press hydraulic drive, the speed is slower than the mechanical, large tonnage, price is cheaper than that of mechanical, are common. Hydraulic press is the application of hydraulic cylinder compression force punch press, hydraulic press is by the British Joseph & middot; Brahma invention, invented in 1795, hydraulic presses, and applied for a patent. Brahma after study when the literature of fluid motion, the application of the concept on the press. Hydraulic presses are commonly used in forging, riveting, molding, blanking, deep drawing and metal forming process. Matched hydraulic pneumatic punching machine pneumatic transmission, but less hydraulic stability, usually is relatively rare. Pneumatic punching machine using high-pressure air compressor, through the pipe will be compressed gas transmission to the electromagnetic valve, through the foot switch to control the action of electromagnetic valve to control the work of cylinder and return, so as to achieve the aim of punching. Pneumatic punching machine is suitable for all kinds of metal and nonmetal pipe, plate punching area. High-speed mechanical press brake machine high-speed mechanical press, mechanical press, also known as it is the use of compressed air pump to provide compressed air through the electromagnetic valve into the cylinder, a piston transmission to the main shaft to make the spindle downward movement, thus forming force, make the workpiece deformation of the provisions in the mould and to achieve the purpose of processing. Mechanical press or hydraulic machine tool products or parts with a press brake machine press is referred to as stamping, basic elements: punching power, male, master pattern and products of raw materials, Usually for sheet metal or wire) 。 Machine tool under the action of punching power to drive the male mold cavities with opening and closing and its raw materials between the process of cutting, punching, stretching, such as setting for stamping machine work principle. Precision punching precision punching machine is widely used in a variety of batch production of metal sheet metal processing and punching and shearing, forming, stretching. Such as traffic, clocks and watches, home appliances, stationery, hand tools, hardware, computers and other products processing. At the same time, can be mounted to the automatic feeder, automatic transfer of the whole production line processing. Above is small make up recommend for everyone within the four types of punch more formal, although the normal bending vendors would many, but if you carefully selected, or can easily be not normal bending vendors would routines to, they are often with words such as preferential benefits to attract people.
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