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The working parts of the punch die on the material hardness and strength requirements

by:Ragos     2021-05-13
Mold information's influence on the mould life is material varieties, chemical composition, structure, hardness and metallurgical quality moroka, comprehensive reflection of the cable. Different materials often have different mould life. Therefore, information about the working parts of the open press brake machine die put forward the use of the function should have high hardness ( 58~64HRC) And high strength and high wear resistance and satisfy the toughness, heat treatment deformation is small, must be hot hard; Press the shape of convex and concave die clearance and fillet radius, cooperation not only has large influence on steel plate punch stamping forming, and about the deep throat punch die wear and stature also influence is very big. Such as working in the mould clearance blanking pieces directly affect the quality and mould life. High precision requirements, appropriate chooses the smaller gap value; The opposite punching gap between deep throat press can be appropriately increased, mould life in progress. stamping process and raw material variety, if necessary, can be put in softening treatment and appearance, and select appropriate smooth agent and smooth process. Practice produce, because of external pressure parts of the original data thickness error, public service function, appearance, poor quality ( Such as rust) Or not clean, Such as oil) And so on, will form the working parts of the mould wear, easy to collapse edge. Therefore, should pay attention to choose punch stamping manufacturability as good raw material, to reduce stamping deformation force.
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