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The use of wire forming machine which aspects need to pay attention to?

by:Ragos     2021-04-08
Wire forming machine is able to achieve high precision wire processing automation equipment, to ensure machining stability and precision of the equipment, in use process need to pay attention to the operation and maintenance, the use of the wire forming machine need to pay attention to what aspects? Properly installed and put: wire forming machine in the process of installation, request with degree, the associated clearance, location and relative motions, etc, to meet the requirements of assembly, the location of the equipment to avoid damp environment, avoid rust equipment parts by environmental factors, for a long time to be placed in dry ventilated environment application. Regular oil and butter, in order to ensure the machining efficiency, equipment for wire forming machine oil and butter, regularly go late in order to better use, is the purpose of the position of the general gas mainly in the main is curly, sent box, and the place such as transmission gears, and after the oil can ensure the lubrication, operation more convenient. Daily use note: wire before starting the machine must be carefully check whether the motor, switch, line and grounding is normal and is firm, check each control station of the equipment, so as not to become loose, fall off, shift in the production, crashing phenomenon occurs, cause machine damage. Boot to strictly according to use step operation, stop operation, after will surface to wipe clean, maintain the cleanness of mechanical mesa, if not clean for a long time, the oil accumulation, there will be a circuit parameters may change. To keep the service life of wire forming machine for a long time and a good state of use, need to pay attention to the correct daily operation and maintenance, dongguan CNC as domestic professional line molding equipment manufacturers, in addition to providing customers with more high quality wire metal sheet forming machine, will provide customers with perfect after-sales service!
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