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The use of the press and adjustment

by:Ragos     2021-06-03
Press during normal use, must ensure that the normal operation, before each shift start work must be in accordance with regulations of the lubrication good lubricating oil, and check the fastening situation, the operating mechanism, the clutch is flexible and reliable, with dots move way rotate to check the motor, such as not to change the power phase sequence again after restart. When switch connected power supply after pressing the button, the motor drive the flywheel rotating, after reaching full speed, can be connected to the clutch. In the press or replacement mold, refueling, and manipulate staff leave work position, to cut off power supply. The installation precision of press die according to the characteristics of the workpiece to decide, blanking die, such as punching bending, shallow drawing, crimping, and some don't need to be particularly accurate adjustment, but like grinding sewing, printing pressure grooving need correctly adjust the height of stamping, precision requirement and job security, to ensure that products and mould precision is determined according to the properties of the machined part installed in a horizontal direction, to shape is more complicated and higher accuracy requirement, the mould installation must be accurate. Die in addition to the accuracy of fitting accuracy, at the same time, the manufacturing precision of punching die is also very important, workbench and slide block bottom plane joint closely, 0. 4 mm thickness gauge does not enter the ( Allow the local into, depth of no more than 20 mm) O when installing die should be to first 10 - adjusted the height of machine tool 15 mm. The upper die and fixed on the slider, turn the handwheel by hand, reduce the slider to bottom dead center, the center line of the press brake machine and die under the phase in the history of overlap, then next mould fastening on a table or plate, and then adjust the stamping height ( According to the work { A determined thickness) , after the adjustment, and then turn the handwheel by hand, make the slider move up and down 2 & ndash; 3, the last under the mold to tighten again. In the adjustment of blanking punching die, can directly measure the height of between slide block and the workbench to determine the height of stamping, for the correctness of the rush of workpiece stamping height it should be adjusted up and down through the test, in order to achieve the required height of stamping. Especially when punching small tolerance of workpiece, more need to use this way to adjust.
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