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The use of CNC punch press molding

by:Ragos     2021-03-03
1, when using the forming die CNC punch press are strictly prohibited without the sheet metal stamping, not empty mold, at the same time to check the tightness of the lock screw, otherwise easy to cause the damage of CNC press brake machine press and forming mould. 2, molding mould molding direction as far as possible choose upward, in order to avoid forming the shape of the deformation caused by collisions with the workbench steel ball. 3, upward forming mould of lower die is usually higher than standard mould, so the punching die station next to try not to use, to avoid plank produce indentation, forming die when not in use please take out from the machine tool preview for mold rack, prevent rust and dust to mold damage. 4, height for each CNC press brake machine, stamping stroke is different, so each molding mould on the first use must be transferred to the shortest, also don't directly used on another punch, needs highly fine-tuning before using, avoid damage to machine tool and mould. 5 fully molding, mould need to be adjusted, micro distance operator in the process must be patient carefully. Fine-tuning mode are: large distance adjustment please adjust the die head blow component height; CNC punch press impact hammer stroke not to adjust, also can adjust the mold blow head component height; CNC punch press impact hammer stroke can be adjusted, need to amend the machine parameters can be achieved when programming. 6, molding processing programming must be used when forming process, the discharging time, set aside enough when programming and press brake machine to the slowest speed, low speed impact, make the molding materials have plenty of time and after separation, avoid skew plate deformation and forming position. 7, high molding or irregular shape mould, please get double lubrication, to strengthen the plate in forming the liquidity of their organisation, decreases the chance of plate fracture. 8, high molding mold the existence of plank has lead to the phenomenon of deformation, scratch and collision in high molding mold placed on both sides of the lower die ball under the auxiliary transition can avoid this problem from happening. 9, use other molding around the high molding, or standard punching die continue processing will lead to deformation of sheet metal. 10, the position of the sheet forming, as far as possible away from the clamp and punching parts, sheet metal forming in stamping process finally completed as soon as possible.
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