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The success of the movement control CARDS in CNC punch press system applications

by:Ragos     2021-01-15
1, overview as upper control unit based on PC and motion control card in the process of special system development, with greater flexibility and openness. Enables users to develop powerful in the short term movement control system. Because of the above characteristics, professional motion control card in the machine tool industry not only to promote the use, and in the many small plane have been widely used in the system. This article will take the step into the mechanical and electrical company MPC01 series movement control CARDS as an example, introduces the uniaxial motion control card application in the nc press brake machine press feed system. 2, CNC press brake machine press movement control system ( 1) System actuator and upper controller: single axial feeding system in CNC punching machine, calling for the motor to light response time in 40 & ndash; Within 60 ms. And the response time of the step motor ( Generally around 200 ms) Can't meet the requirements of the system rapid response, so the system chooses panasonic ac servo motor MSMA750W and DMC301A as executive motor and power controller respectively. For the motion control system circuit wiring diagram below: DMC301A with MINASA series wiring diagram ( 2) System software control part of the system software using VB programming. Because MPC01 movement control CARDS are equipped with powerful dynamic link library ( DLL) , users can quickly developed their own movement in a Windows environment control system. And to Win the multitask mechanism, MPC01 movement control CARDS using the virtual device driver ( VXD) Technology, solved the Win very well under the environment of the real time control system. Initialized in the program, using the statement module ( MPC01。 BAS) , in the form of a header file after dynamic link library, users can like Windows internal function called motion control function to invoke the interface card. In the process of punching machine work, after rising requirement of machine tool slide, servo conveying mechanism to begin feeding, and sets in the slider, conveying mechanism must finish the localization process. So the requirement of the system software part must make machine between slide block and conveying mechanism of concerted action. The system USES MPC01 card status query function to determine the position, press the slider to decide whether to send the command to servo motor to feed movement. Between the slider and the conveying mechanism so as to achieve coordinated action. Flow chart below for feed motion control program of the system. 私人子Timer2_Timer ( ) 昏暗的ch_status LongDim a、b Longch_status = check_status ( 1) Read/use check_status function press brake machine origin the state of the switch/a = 4 b = a And ch_status/whether the origin switch closure/If b = 4 Then/If the origin switch is closed/set_conspeed 1, 100000 / speed setting function called set_conspeed to set the servo motor speed/con_pmove 1, Mdis * 835. 8978246155 / point movement function called con_pmove to set the direction of the operation of the servo motor and the running distance/End IfEnd Sub3, conclusion, this system in the motion control card and servo feed system, effectively solve the numerical control punch press feed system and high precision positioning requirement and the requirement of high speed start, in a very short period of time to develop the function perfect user program, meet the needs of the punching machine application.
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