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The structure of hydraulic presses exhaust valve including integral and modular

by:Ragos     2021-06-12
Yesterday was the dragon look up, also known as & other; Spring Festival & throughout; 、“ The soil section & throughout; 、“ Spring Festival dragon & throughout; , is China's traditional folk festivals. So the question comes, bath chap, hair cut (you eat yesterday Cut & other; Leading & throughout; ) Have no? Today we are going to share with you about hydraulic presses of exhaust valve, hope you can like it. Punch chosen is integral in the planning. Monolithic vent needle valve body and valve, screw, linking to the steel cylinder or cylinder head by head conical surface seal for use. Air in cylinder exhaust, loosen screw thread, squeezed, from the cone gap and the discharge hole outside the cylinder. The exhaust valve a brief and convenient, but the thread and cone seal concentricity requirement is higher, after tighten vent can't seal, will cause the leakage. General hydraulic press with air into the cylinder after installation or system, the remaining part of the air cylinder, and often not easily by the oil out of the in time. So, in the process of the oil cylinder operation due to the compressibility of air, will present the vibration in the piston stroke. Therefore, in addition to system sealing measures, watch the outside air intrusion, often in hydraulic press cylinder cavity the top two set bleed valve, discharge of residual air in cylinder, setteth oil cylinder's homework.
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