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The structure and welding technology of CNC punch press have a close relationship

by:Ragos     2021-02-26
Welding technique has gradually develop into a punch professional skills first, first embodied in the following aspects: main punch manufacturers set up the planning must be welding or metal structure factory workshop ( 1) Setting up a sound system of welding is dealt with, and absorb the introduced punch welding technology standard. ( 2) Improve welding process, from the single processing technology to carry out to cut from raw material pretreatment, blanking, forming, welding, testing after welding, and welding post-processing, etc. A set of emerging comprehensive engineering skills. ( 3) The use of CNC precision close opened computer programming skills. ( 4) 2 gas and rich argon welding, submerged arc welding and other advanced maintenance, effective use of new skills. ( 5) Widely used in radiographic and ultrasonic nondestructive testing technique, safe inside the weld quality. ( 6) Promote new technology of vibration aging, reach the purpose of the welding residual stress of the structure of fall, cutting precision welding deformation and stability. Now CNC punch press, punch press industry one of the first welding technique has the following several aspects: the use of steel plate pretreatment skills; The use of CNC cutting skills; Gas welding efficient welding skills, such as maintenance. Gas welding skills maintenance, has been widely used in punch, gear, eccentric organization, rocker arm shaft, cylinder, welding processing pipe, flange, casing and other parts, has become one of the first skills welding machinery professional. Follow structure more and more used for the welding of punch products, in order to represent the casting, in order to welding, welding cut has become trend for punch manufacturing as a whole, press brake machine production without welding. Now, punch professional welding technique is carried out in the direction of high efficiency, numerical control, automation. professional, in the direction of the higher welding skills also not an exception. Follow punch industry rapidly develops, punching products use and development of welded structure and metal cutting machine tool, casting machinery and casting machinery products is the first category of welding machine industry. The quality of the hydraulic press structure has close connection with welding technology.
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