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The standard precision punching machine for stamping which products?

by:Ragos     2021-02-05
1, our high speed punch as quickly, so ask the customer to provide to stamping quantity is big, the greater the production, the better, and stamping precision is very high. Such as stamping speed, with fewer than 120 times may not be appropriate to use high-speed punch press. 2, high-speed press brake machine stamping products, can choose different feeder according to different tonnage of the machine, punching machine, limit thickness in 3. Under 5 mm. More than the thickness cannot choose high speed punch. 3, high-speed punching machine can only play metal materials ( Copper, iron, tin, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. ) Metal material, can't and illegal publications. 4, high-speed press brake machine can regulate speed, but the lowest not less than 120 times/min. As the first said, if the speed is too slow, can lead to loss of the machine, but also a waste of the function of high speed punch. 5, high speed punch stamping die material for standard: high speed steel, tungsten steel.
when installing plate shears hydraulic valve need to pay attention to matters of
hydraulic plate shears pre-installed, first the hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder fixed within the designated basically, then according to your drawings of the hydraulic system components of oil mouth, according to the requirements of things figure pipeline connection with the requirements of the line connected, bent pipe ovality not less than 97%. Formal before installation, pipe internally to wash clean, this set of equipment requirement after scouring pipe internal cleanliness not less than 17/14 ( 动态关联度) To match Nas8 level; Formal when installation, the oil pipe requirements to wipe clean, banning such as sand, slag, dirt into the pipe, oil pipe installation has been completed, can install pipe clamp, in the appropriate position in order to prevent the sensation.
are important in ensuring hydraulic shearing machine, and the machine is utilised by everyone from metal shearing machine to sheet metal press machine.
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