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The stamping punch workshop how to governance to prevent noise

by:Ragos     2021-04-22
1. About press brake machine noise management of noise with the device itself in the first place, often using the sound insulation cover, sound insulation cover is made from various types of noise data down possesses XiGeYin etc multiple effect of noise reduction of vibration reduction, after change information to complete the needs of different noise reduction. Work on press brake machine press, heat ventilation is a big problem, if the use of sound insulation cover seal, will weaken the heat dissipation, so be axial flow fan in the acoustic enclosure strengthening cooling, and in the vent muffler, prevention and control of noise through vents. The normal work of the press is to have data import and export, is completely sealed the above cannot be used in press brake machine noise, in the front-rear sound channel mouth device. 2. About stamping workshop, there are a lot of stamping equipment in the workshop, every stamping equipment for noise reduction can reach the best noise reduction effect. Some conditions are stamping workshop space is limited, so only through the stamping workshop XiGeYin adornment to accomplish noise reduction in stamping shop Windows above device soundproof Windows and doors, to prevent noise. The top of the interior, the ground, metope is done with the corresponding XiGeYin data and damping vibration. Stamping plant must have the same ventilation cooling channel, accelerate heat stamping workshop, this passage to device muffler, to weaken the noise of the outgoing. Stamping equipment noise noise reduction on the one hand, from the device itself, on the other hand is sound insulation from the workshop, the two methods can effectively decline equipment noise influence on surrounding environment. According to the actual situation using a variety of inductive method to achieve the best management effect. 3. Punching and stamping workshop is one of the main noise sources inside the factory, the press brake machine press for stamping will produce a lot of noise, the noise includes air resistance, mechanical friction, stamping touch noise and so on. Stamping workshop internal equipment number, total noise and influence each other, to the surrounding and environment of the factory have a big impact. The above is the punching and stamping workshop how to carry out some methods of noise management.
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