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The speed of punching machine adjustment process is who will do

by:Ragos     2021-04-25
CNC punch press operation and monitoring all in the nc unit is complete, it is the brain of a CNC punch press. High machining precision, has the stable machining quality; For multi-axis linkage, to processing complicated shape parts; When machining parts change, generally only need to change the CNC program, can save the production preparation time; Bed its high precision and large rigidity, can choose favorable processing amount, high yield rate, For general machine tool commonly 3 ~ 5 times) 。 Problems related to the speed, only to find speed regulating device. Therefore, punch oscillation problem also want to find speed regulating device. Can from these local search speed regulating device problems: one is for a given signal, one is the feedback signal, another is speed regulating device itself. smooth owe good, because when the workbench mobile frictional resistance increase. When the motor drive, workbench does not move forward, elastic deformation in the ball screw, store electrical energy in deformation. Motor continues to drive, to store the energy produced by the elastic force is greater than the static friction force, punch workbench forward peristalsis, repeatedly this movement, the creep phenomenon happened. But that is not the case, careful look at the guide surface is smooth, will be able to judge is not the problem. creep and oscillation problem is due to the speed of the problem. Since speed is the problem is to find the speed loop, press the speed of the whole control process is accomplished by the speed regulating device.
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