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The specifications of the numerical control punch press type and operation maintenance

by:Ragos     2021-02-25
CNC press brake machine in daily use process should pay attention to maintenance, especially the details of the adjustment and debugging. So do it in the numerical control press brake machine press operations would achieve good accuracy and stability. Look at the detailed maintenance details below. 1, fast sliding guide rail and guide gap measurement and friction surface check, the question of when it is necessary to adjust to proofread. 2, flywheel, bearing such as manual grease and smooth line, such as joint review. 3, balance the oil cylinder and oil smooth system, such as joint test view. 4, motor circuit and electric circuit of the insulation resistance test operation view. 5, high precision, Straight, parallel, inductive ask gap, etc. ) Test, if necessary, adjust the proofreading. 6, press brake machine and accessories of the clean appearance, sort and mechanical foot ( Root) With screw, nut locking and horizontal view adjustment if necessary. 7, smooth to the oil system of pu, pipeline valves and other cleaning and maintenance and check. 8, air system of pneumatic components, pipeline cleaning and maintenance, such as check and action test. 9, 3000 - 4000 hours maintenance photoelectric safety device function test and the projection Angle adjustment and regional test. And loose the tally, such as on-line test and the second fall rotary CAM switch box and stop function test to check the adjustment of the same way. Overload protection device of the oil cleaning, oil chamber cleaning, oil change new adjustment and pressure action and function test. Main motor v belt abrasion and tension situation view, adjust. From the brake parts apart differentiation ( The flywheel excluding) Cleaning and maintenance, elm check clearance adjustment and refitted debugging. Balancer, j parts apart differentiation, cleaning and check and refitted debugging. , using the 6000-10 8000 hours of protection maintenance saw tooth connecting rod apart differentiation, cleaning and maintenance, see the saw tooth and connecting rod thread occlusion and abrasion, and polishing, polishing occlusal surfaces smooth and altered lipid. Slider assembly ( The tee, and cover. Overload oil cylinder, worm gear, worm, etc. ) Open differentiation, cleaning and maintenance, ask gap adjustable pads and wear surface, oil seal view and alter smooth oil from scratch. Die cushion apart differentiation and clean view the abrasion surface and smooth from altered lipid after assembly test.
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