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The secret of the right to choose a CNC punch press

by:Ragos     2021-02-04
The development of the numerical control punch design challenges the traditional turret press brake machine press. Up and down to 0 in the public service, increase the use of mould life; Demand number die at work, the computer will give mold signal, mold will take the initiative to work, change the mould don't pause, fast speed, compared with general turret method, take the initiative to speed the progress of the mould & ndash; 20 times, and to avoid the error of the turret mold during rolling in mold, CNC press brake machine press type to lash the bulls, a fixed mould, choose a mode to avoid the error caused by the lower die coaxial degree is higher, choose mode actively, active processing. CNC press brake machine can be used for all kinds of sheet metal parts processing, able to one-time initiative to complete a variety of complex groove, ( Can actively processing according to the requirement of different size and pitch of the different shapes of holes; Also can use small punching die with step blunt way out of the circle hole type hole, square hole, waist and various shapes of curve generalization, For the special craft processing, such as shallow drawing, flanging hole, embossing, etc. ) 。 Through a simple mold combination, compared with the traditional stamping, save a lot of mould cost, can use low cost and short cycle processing and small batch, the diversification of products, has a larger scope and machining ability, to adapt to changes in the market with the product in a timely manner. Many of the mechanical manufacturing industry insiders are thinking about the question, whether a good machine? Unanswered questions, it is a each manufacturer has its own survival philosophy, the soul of the so-called machine & other; ( Homework) Power = accuracy + safe & throughout; , CNC punch press spread widely as a kind of general machinery, let customers at ease use is important. Thus produce CNC CNC punch press is committed to the principle of simplified structure, fundamentally eliminate the unsafe risk at the same time.
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