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The safe use of matters needing attention of high-speed punch before work

by:Ragos     2021-01-09
Before utilizing high-speed press brake machine press safety considerations for high speed punch homework 1 check the smoothness of the parts and make smooth electrical fully smooth 2 check the die set is properly secure 3 check to see if the compressed air pressure within the scope of the rules after 4 must make the flywheel and clutch release abilities should open when the motor 5) check to see if the flywheel rotating direction and reverse logo is the same high speed press brake machine with the integration of special cast iron alloy, high rigidity and vibration resistance. Sliding block with long road planning guide, equipped with sliding block balancing device, ensure work fine and safe. All wear resistant components in electronic punctual smooth system actively, such as lack of smooth oil press will be fully active suspension. Advanced, simple control system, ensure the accuracy of the slider work and stop. Can allocate any initiative in produce demand, improve yield power cost reduction. High speed punch widely used dynamic contact switch, the static contact, connectors, household appliances, car parts, motor stator and other small precision parts stamping processing. 高速冲孔机广泛用于冲压加工的小细部分如开关动态接触,静态接触,连接器,家用电器、汽车零部件、电机转子等等。
Collectively, the effect of Solution on industrial society has been to eliminate metal shearing machine and drastically reduce the time long associated with cnc hydraulic press brake.
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