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The principle of precision punch press driven by motor pulley work

by:Ragos     2021-01-21
Precision punching machine, the operation principle of working in precision punching machine, automatic press brake machine line through the two lifting oil cylinder mould plate received solid press, die casting mould of support plate is installed in the die, punch factory molds are fixed on the paper module high-speed punch from left to right or right to die at a certain speed continuously to the left. Precision punch press driven by motor pulley, drive belt drive pulley turn the passive, active, leading to the active crankshaft pulley, driven by the crankshaft gear reverse rotation of the crankshaft drives the stamping actively, the initiative of the crankshaft and the crankshaft by the reverse rotation at the same rate, and the four groups of crank connecting rod drive on which the synchronous movement leads, the four connecting rod shaft of 2 by sliding a device to connect the bottom part of the activities, and in the bottom four connecting rod driven reciprocating movement up and down reciprocating sliding punch in the upper die and lower die and mold by the relative motion of the stamping sheet in it. Precision punch speed on the elastic piece fixed to one end of the ontology, described and the other end fixed to the sliding device, precision punching machine to limit the components, the method of slip along the direction of further left slider displacement direction means there are no restrictions in the vertical direction of movement, the movement direction of the sliding part refers to the first cover is set, the four roller limit curve, but the curve of the wheel and relative to the rolling device of the wheel side of the slider, sliding along the vertical direction of the movement is not limited, through the elastic plate and the roller curve, only move up and down in the vertical direction of the effect and to link the four mold high-speed press brake machine press slide block device and the function of lower die accurate positioning and position precision can achieve greater than zero. 1毫米。
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