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The pressure of the hydraulic press is not enough which parts to check

by:Ragos     2021-01-29
Today is April 29, the five small long vacation one day, the o ( *  ̄ ︶  ̄ *) o。 Today we talk about the pressure of the hydraulic press is not enough which parts to check? The first thing to check is the system of hydraulic press, mainly to see if the inside of the valve core card; Then the master cylinder, it is fast and slow down when the slide block the light of the electromagnetic valve components. Find the topic origin, only need to set down the corresponding parts apart and foreign body pulls out to, remember when you need to die together, this can avoid mistake. We compare the novelty of what causes the numerical control press brake machine press stress can not standard? Detailed analysis. CNC hydraulic press is through the data must be unequivocal pressure for homework, but if not its pressure, the use of the equipment effect will be decreased. CNC automatic press brake machine is not pressure, probably because the equipment was not related to a valve core of the formed by yan, such as system, master cylinder, etc. , so the next job is to inspect the two aspects of mechanical press, look to whether have stuck.
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