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The positioning precision of hydraulic press is very important

by:Ragos     2021-01-28
Repositioning precision punch each coordinate axis is the most basic precision index reflect the shaft, it reflects the axis motion accuracy of stability, precision press brake machine is usually can guarantee the stability of the production. Nowadays since more and more numerical control system function for each coordinate movement precision of the system error such as accumulated pitch error and backlash error can compensate the system, only the random error can compensate, and repeated positioning accuracy is reflected the feed driving mechanism of composite random error, it is no way to compensation of CNC system is used to correct, when found it very poor, only the fine adjustment of feeding transmission chain correction. Therefore, repositioning precision punch when the choose and buy should first choose and buy high press. Hydraulic presses the positioning accuracy of the detection is very important, because it is show that the detection of punch all the moving parts in the precision of the numerical control system under the control of movement can achieve, so through the positioning precision of the measured values, hydraulic press brake machine can determine the punch machine automatically after operation can achieve the best workpiece machining accuracy. Here must stress that the positioning accuracy of the test is a rapid, positioning measurement, for some of feed system stiffness is not too good CNC punch press, with different feed speed positioning, will obtain the positioning accuracy of the different values. In addition, the positioning accuracy of test results related to environment temperature and the operating state of the coordinate axes, nowadays most CNC press brake machine through a closed loop system, position detection components are installed on the drive motor, thermal elongation of ball screw has not been effective identification measures. Therefore, when measuring location accuracy, fast back and forth several times later, produce 0 within 1 m trip. 01 ~ 0. 02 mm error is not strange. This is because the screw move rapidly after several times, external temperature could rise 0. 5 ~ 1 ℃, which caused by thermal elongation produced a ball screw. This hot elongation of error, some punch adopts pre-stretching ( Preloaded) Methods to reduce the impact.
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