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The phenomenon of gear punch asset growth and occupation

by:Ragos     2021-01-07
CNC gear punch if started late, but development speed and intensity is quite amazing. As an industry of scholars say, China's numerical control polishing punch a stubborn punch press has become the world's goods. A series of six axis and four axis nc hobbing machine, five seven axis linkage and worm wheel gear grinding machine, seven axis six linkage spiral bevel gear grinding machine, is in recent years a large number of production with the development of new punch degree. Although the domestic press industry. So remarkable achievements and thought in gear, but foreign industry manufacturers, have the following things: gear press brake machine 1 person there are big differences between Chinese gear punch group level compared with abroad, commodity prices and Europe and the United States, the Japanese goods, gap is obvious. In varieties more complete punching gear, but the lack of perfect model; Server product development better, but the downturn of the prime minister is still firmly; And high-end products, spontaneous is shortage of products, CNC press brake machine press rate is low. Press 2, most of China's gear industry enterprises is still a public enterprise, the format of the state control, the mechanism not to live, group stimulate the slow pace of development and new goods. 3, gear precision punch products, China is ready, who needs further adjustments. 4, international competition intensified industry, disorderly competition, unfair competition, the baptism of the face when buying new into the new situation, in the name of the industry. Because foreign goods imported Russian how to meet the time and the user has punch accounted for only 6% of market share common punching machine. Press want to Russia's domestic enterprises into the urbanization and the national coordination and increase, the supply and the Soviet union, foreign demand for ordinary punch products will increase. Although foreign ball punch products now accounts for only 6% ( The 2006 data) Domestic market share, but with ford, feng highlands, gm and other foreign auto manufacturers plans to expand its in car production per unit area of Russia, foresee the share will increase. Some scholars believe that common punching machine manufacturers, Japanese firms will be the abundant land and nissan nissan new family of plants, and Russia. Due to the above Russia overseas carmakers have ended, reached the level of annual output of 200000 sets, the common development of punch ball manufacturers automatic search in the market of the Soviet union.
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