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The performance of the punching machine safety devices

by:Ragos     2021-05-04
With dry secure press brake machine processing device, must has the following properties respectively. ( A) Before the machine start, when the operator part of the body in the press brake machine press slider ( Including the slider, mould, cutting tools, and with the slider movement of the pressure parts, etc. , the same below. ) In the danger zone, the slider to work. When the slider up after the construction, if part of the operator body Hugh enters slide camp today order han domain, also won't hurt accidents. ( 2) When the operator press the button or lever silting work after press the slider, sichuan will hand in of danger when the city _ side. The slider should be able to quickly automatic stop motion; Or use both hands operation skill button after starting the slider, then left hand button is secondary to the danger zone, in hand to the danger zone before the slider should have reached the bottom dead center, or have returned since the bottom dead center of top dead center of the movement. ( 3) Press the slider in the down or up and down reciprocating motion, if the operator part of the body while approaching danger zone domain, the slider to automatically stop moving. ( 4) When the operator part of the body in the slider the danger zone, as the slider exercise to the body part of the launch danger zone, and sent to a safe place. Punching machine safety devices must be stable performance, is always valid.
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