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The mechanical and pneumatic maintenance of CNC cutting machine

by:Ragos     2021-06-15
The CNC cutting machine mechanical and pneumatic maintenance a repair and maintenance, mechanical parts cleaning once a week the dust and dirt inside the machine, all electrical cabinets should be protected from dust. The guide should often clean, remove dust and other sundry, rack to wipe, often add lubricating oil, ensure lubricating and no clutter. Regularly check rail straightness and verticality of the machine, found abnormal timely maintenance and debugging. Second, the pneumatic parts maintenance 1. Pneumatic system maintenance regularly check gas path system, found a flat and cannot be used in normal parts should be handled in time, ensure smooth gas path. Should often wipe clean the dust in the gas path and sundry, prevent gas passing through early aging. 2. Maintenance of the pressure reducing valve. Adjust the pressure reducer, pressure gauge will be dispatched to need, adjustment shall be made in the process of pressure from small to large, to ensure the pressure reducer can continuous adjustment. If not continuous adjustable or gas leakage from the relief valve must be replaced a new pressure reducer. To assemble the parts and components of gas pressure reducer, will cause the equipment damage, and even serious personal injury. 3. Cutting torch nozzle maintenance of tempering to prevent cutting torch adopts the professional manufacturers of machine use cutting torch, torch use for a long time, the sealing surface is damaged, and the cutting nozzle, untight seal must use special tools to repair. Cutting torch also USES the standard of professional manufacturer production fast cutting nozzle, for the new cutting nozzle, must be qualified through inspection before use. Need special tools to clean up the cutting nozzle pollution preheat flame hole and cutting oxygen channel. 4. Tempering preventive device is an important part of a security, according to the requirement of the security department, tempering to prevent it is strictly prohibited to remove. Therefore, after years of tempering preventive device using gas resistance, ensure that does not make gas flow or leak, must ask professionals to replace.
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