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The main part of the machine tool CNC bending machine

by:Ragos     2021-06-13
The main part of the machine tool and structure elucidation: part 1, the slider: adopts hydraulic transmission, part of the sliding block is sliding block, the structure of the oil cylinder and the mechanical stop fine-tuning. About oil cylinder fixed on the frame, make through hydraulic piston ( Rod) Drive the slider moves up and down, mechanical block is controlled by the CNC system to adjust values. Part 2, the workbench: manipulation by box of button, the motor drives the rack and moves, and controlled by the CNC system of mobile distance, its smallest readings of 0. 01 mm ( Limit position in both before and after the travel switch) 。 3, synchronous system: this machine consists of torsion shaft, swing arm, joint bearing of mechanical synchronous mechanism, such as simple structure, stable and reliable performance, high precision synchronization. Mechanical stop adjustment by the motor, CNC numerical control system. 4, keep-off institutions: keep-off USES motor drive, through the chain operation to drive the two screw synchronous movement, numerical control system to control the size of block. Laser processing system and computer numerical control technology to the combination of efficient automated processing equipment, for the machining of the high quality, high efficiency and low cost production opens up broad prospects. And within the laser engraving machine is to combine the laser technology and computer technology and high integration of new laser peripheral processing equipment. With high-performance laser laser engraving machine and CNC technology, through independent development of the optical system, control system and computer software, in the crystal, glass, realize the dynamic precision of 3 d laser engraving, carving slow and system is solved, the laser spot, the image and word processing software function is not complete, the use of computer interface control CARDS, laser flash uneven, automatic control device is not perfect, low equipment cost performance problems. Improving the efficiency and precision of the system, maintainability, versatility and security. Crystal inside carving works become more rich on colour is inevitable. Using crystal glass handicraft carving in part to light has strong reflection, refraction, and the blank part of the light has better performance of optical principle, fully by the micro control circuit according to the principle of three base color palette, each control several kinds of color the lamp, mixed color, carved image and a multiple of flowery colour, so that the tableland this white inside carving image showing a colorful, dazzling effect.
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