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The introduction of the bending machine of different operation methods

by:Ragos     2021-02-11
CNC bending machine 】 Illustrates different bending machine operation method of the present stage more and more types of bending machine sheet metal processing, according to the screw rotation forms can be divided into manual hydraulic ( Servo motor) And manual hydraulic pressure. According to the automatic control system can be divided into simple manual bending machine, the common domestic data precision positioning bending machine, process management, intelligent multi-function CNC bending machine. According to the location can be divided into four axis, axis 8, 12 shaft bending machine, etc. 1 before bending machine used in the routine inspection is switching power supply, the standard air pressure is not enough, the hydraulic enough, machinery and equipment is clean, slide part of any blockage, determine the process can make the back of the program later. 2 open the machine power master switch, start the oil pump of good L axis, D axis, the starting point of the CC axis and Z axis, start the whole process to complete the task. 3 do die, die bei, selected placed machinery gear power switch the location of the cut, on the base and on the lower die, die, and the machinery and equipment of the power switch is placed inch move or single location work status, foot up the power switch to shake up a handle or knob that mold merger and pressing of good D axis zero, lock stay mould frame mold process to complete the task. 4 well, master sheet metal bending order and open the folded sheet metal bending dimension bending machine completes the program flow editor. Completes the application process there are two computer input method editor, such as multi-angle type, the other for the depth of 1 type, depth 1 people common computer input method. Primary progresses to the computer memory work status, type in sheet metal bending shape size L, D value, Z, rate, time, such as several values. Then the regular check to make sure the program process, accurate computer motivated to run after work, then try using waste modified processes, multi-angle, overall dimensions to the best working state. Then make products have folding, try folding products after routine inspection accuracy can be mass production. 5 to ascend in the whole process of sheet metal bending sheet metal bending rate, also can put the gear power switch single action or linkage work status, but to be on the safe side normally just single action. In the middle of the sheet metal bending is long a often angles is very big, also can adjust the CC shaft to change between multiple perspectives and multiple perspectives on both left and right. Should also pay attention to the center in the whole process of sheet metal bending sheet metal bending principle, is an important prerequisite for ensure the machining accuracy of bending, are not allowed on one end of the sheet metal bending on both ends of the bending machine, such angles is bad, not only will damage the machine equipment. 6 short time to rest when not allowed shutdown switch power supply, switch off the pump, it can save electricity, to exempt to start work again at work, save time, increase the rate of grain or move. 7 finished product or need to stop the work, first under the mold on the lowest, then turn off the oil pump, and then turn off the switch power supply, if the products has been completed, must also remove the mold, and back on the mold frame and reset operation panel. 8 it is forbidden to illegal operation bending machine, lest cause personal and equipment module and the unnecessary hurt. At ordinary times should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment, form the habit of take good care of equipment and mold shell.
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